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NVQ Horticulture Level 3

The information below is to help you decide if this particular level is right for you.

NVQ Horticulture Level 3level 33 150x150 NVQ Horticulture Level 3

A Level 3 NVQ Horticulture is aimed at more advanced learners who have experience of more managerial or supervisory aspects of the horticulture industry. It is usually a two year programme open to current employees within the amenity industry or landscape gardening business holding a more senior and responsible position such as the supervision of staff or facilities. This is reflected in the course material which focusses on subjects such as management, workplace health and safety, estimating and planning work activities.


NVQ Horticulture Level 1

The information below is to help you decide if this particular level is right for you.

NVQ Horticulture Level 1level 12 150x150 NVQ Horticulture Level 1

A Level 1 NVQ Horticulture is designed as an introduction for those who may be considering a career in the land-based industries or who had recently started working in the area of horticulture. The course, generally, takes 12 months to complete and covers such basics as planting and plant maintenance,  maintain structures and surfaces, and the maintenance of garden tools and equipment.

NVQ Horticulture

Professional gardeners and horticulturists can now add work-based qualification to their portfolios by applying for and taking an NVQ Horticulture. These courses and qualifications are available in three different levels to reflect the skills and experience you may have. Boost your standing or increase your prospects further with one of these vocational qualifications.

About NVQ HorticultureNVQ Horticulture 300x225 NVQ Horticulture

An NVQ Horticulture is a continuous assesment style course for those who are already working in the field of horticulture, gardening, landscape gardening or plant care or for those looking to move in to that area of work. The purpose of this qualification is to assess occupational competence of employees in the workplace where those employees (learners) then demonstrate their horticultural skills and knowledge to the required levels.

The sort of professional roles that will benefit from an NVQ Horticulture are a Landscaper, Gardener, Sports turf assistant or Horticultural production assistant.

Some of the more basic areas covered in the initial NVQ levels are as follows:

  • Plant and then maintain a variety of plants
  • Maintain structures and surfaces
  • Maintenance of gardening equipment and tools

From taking the Level 1 it is then possible to move in to more specialised occupational areas such a tree work, crop production or landscape gardening.

Horticulture Training Audience

This NVQ  is available to all employees in the horticulture and gardening sector. Depending on the NVQ level being sought, you will require varying degrees of experience and competence within the arena. Courses generally take between 12 and 24 months, again, depending on the level and also the college / course provider.

NVQ Horticulture Levels

The following levels are available for this NVQ:


NVQ Dental Nursing Level 3

The information below is to help you decide if this particular level is right for you.

NVQ Dental Nursing Level 3level 33 150x150 NVQ Dental Nursing Level 3

As it happens, the Level 3 in NVQ Dental Nursing is the only option! So, to take this level you’ll need to be a dental nurse who provides direct chair-side assistance as well as patient care and support during a broad range of dental treatments. You will have a good knowledge of dental equipment, instrument, materials and techniques.

You will need to complete a total of 11 mandatory units to gain the full NVQ Dental Nursing:

  • Make sure the way you act reduce sthe risk to health and safety
  • Be self-critical and develop your practice
  • Provide basic life support
  • Prepare and help maintain the working environment, dental instruments, and all equipment used for clinical dental procedures
  • Give information and support to patients to help with their oral health
  • Provide chair-side patient support during the assessment of their oral health
  • Help to contribute to the production of dental radiographs
  • Provide patient chair-side support during the prevention and control of periodontal disease and caries, and the filling of cavities
  • Provide patient chair-side support during the provision of both fixed and removable dental appliances
  • Provide patient chair-side support during non surgical endodontic (root canal) treatment
  • Provide patient chair-side support during the extraction of teeth and minor dental surgery


NVQ Dental Nursing

If you’re currently working as a dental nurse and want to be able to demonstrate your skills and learn more, then there is some work based training and a qualification available to you in the form of an NVQ Dental Nursing. Holding this respected NVQ proves you’ve got the necessary skills to assist a dentist as well as offering efficient patient care and support during a good range of dental and oral healthcare procedures.

About NVQ Dental Nursingnvq dental nursing 300x240 NVQ Dental Nursing

When taking this NVQ training, you’ll cover everything fromdental reception work, through preventing infection, to direct chair-side patient support.

The teaching programme covers the following subject areas and includes, but is not limited to:

  • The role of the dental nurse
  • Reception, administrative and clerical duties
  • Anatomy and physiology plus more specific dental anatomy and physiology, pathology and microbiology
  • The causes of dental disease and how to prevent it
  • Sterilisation, dental instruments and equipment used in treatment
  • Restorative dentistry and minor oral surger
  • Orthodontics
  • Health and Safety in the work place

You will be visited at your workplace and then assessed by an NVQ assessor while carrying out your normal daily duties. The actual training sessions, taken at your local college, will provide you with specialist knowledge that you will need to complete your NVQ Dental Nursing and for the externally marked examination – the National Examining Board for Dental Nurses (NEBDN) independent knowledge assessment paper.

Dental Nursing Training Audience

All candidates for this NVQ must be currently working as a dental nurse in a dental practice with, ideally, a minimum of 6 months chair-side experience. You’ll also need a good level of general experience in your role. As a guide, you’ll be expected to complete your NVQ Dental Nursing in around 18 – 24 months.

NVQ Dental Nursing Levels

The following levels are available for this NVQ: