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Completing an NVQ in Hospitality is ideal for those people who are looking to forge a career in either hospitality or catering, arguably one of the fastest growing industries in the United Kingdom. Like most NVQ’s, there are three different levels for the qualification and you can take the course as far as you want, although ideally you would complete all three levels.

About NVQ Hospitality

There are a number of different NVQs that you can complete depending on which area of hospitality that you wish to specialise in. Therefore much thought will need to be placed into choosing which course is going to be right for you. The majority of colleges should offer all of the NVQ in Hospitality, although it is still worth finding out if your chosen area does.

In order to become registered on a Level 1 NVQ in Hospitality you generally will not need any experience. Many colleges may have ‘minimum’ entry requirements however, for example, at least a pass in English and Mathematics, however this is not set in stone, and thus it is worth getting in touch with your chosen college to see if they will make an exception for you. Both Level 2 and Level 3 NVQ in Hospitality (all of the courses) will require that you have either completed Level 1, been in employment in the industry for a while, or perhaps you feel as though you are in a position to jump straight into a higher level.

As mentioned previously, the NVQ in Hospitality that you complete will depend on the area of hospitality that you wish to enter into. As you may already know, the basics for the course are covered in Level 1, and that means the courses will be very general (i.e. food service, accommodation, drink service and hospitality services). It isn’t until you get to Level 2 where the courses are split down even further, and it is at this point you will need a fairly decent idea about the career that you wish to pursue in the industry. All of the qualifications however will assist you in gaining jobs in the industry.

Many NVQ Courses can be administered whilst on the job, whilst others can be completed in a college environment. If you are looking to complete an NVQ in hospitality it is worth checking whether your current place of work is able to assist you in the studying towards your NVQ, although do bear in mind that a qualified assessor will need to be at your place of work in order to award you with the qualification. For this reason it is normally only the ‘larger’ companies which have a dedicated apprenticeship scheme in place which will enable you to obtain an NVQ whilst on the job.

Hospitality Training Audience

If you are looking to get into the hospitality industry then completing one of the many NVQ in Hospitality is perhaps one of the best decisions that you could possibly make. Plenty of colleges will offer this course around your area, so why not get in touch with one of them?

NVQ Hospitality Levels

The following levels are available for this NVQ:

  • NVQ Hospitality Level 1
  • NVQ Hospitality Level 2
  • NVQ Hospitality Level 3
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