NVQ Health and Social Care

Working in the care industry can be both demanding and rewarding and a great way to bolster your position is with an NVQ Health and Social Care qualification. Such an NVQ will contribute to both your knowledge and experience of caring for children, the young, the elderly and the vulnerable.

About NVQ Health and Social Carenvq health and social care 300x199 NVQ Health and Social Care

An NVQ Health and Social Care is designed to give you the necessary skills to make a real difference in your professional life. You will learn how best to help an individual with their particular care needs, to help them with their physical and emotional care and wellbeing, and to regain their independence once again, whether they be children or young people, adults or the elderly.

Health and Social Care Training Audience

Well, if you currently provide care, either physical or emotional, to anyone in any sector, this NVQ is aimed at you. This NVQ is perfect if you are working in either the social care or health care arena. For instance, you may be a community support assistant or healthcare assistant, or you may work in a residential care home. In which case, an NVQ Health and Social Care will help you with your training and gain you a recognised qualification.

NVQ Health and Social Care Levels

The following levels are available for this NVQ:

Please click on the above for more course information for that particular NVQ level in health and social care training.

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3 Responses to NVQ Health and Social Care

  1. Charmaine Noble says:

    I wish to change my career to nursing for the elderly
    can you advise a NVQ1 course for Nursing in Nursing Homes please

    • NVQ says:

      Hi Charmaine,

      This does seem to be a relevant course for you then. However, we recommend checking with your local college and also have a look on the DirectGov web site https://nextstep.direct.gov.uk/improvingyourcareerthroughlearning/choosingacourse/coursesearchlandingpage/Pages/default.aspx to make sure that you find the best matched course for your requirements. The next step would be to then speak to your employer as they need to play a role in this too.

  2. sadia says:

    i want to ask regarding NVQ level 2 dispensing pharmacy
    i want to start the course/training and need the details regarding institutes and fee.

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