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Hairdressing is an ever popular profession and many courses have existed for some time to study the subject. The logical next step up is a formal qualification which, of course being an NVQ, combines on-the-job-training with theoretical and further practical training and practice. The NVQ Hairdressing is a recognized National standard.

An NVQ Hairdressing is achieved through assessment, training and competence in your hairdressing career goals. NVQ Hairdressing standards are applied based on these different levels of achievement. You must be able to show your ability to pass these as your training levels require. National Occupational Standards are established and give absolute definitions for the competency expected at each level. You can acquire your training and achievement of your NVQ by taking an internship, or a paid position that allows you to acquire the required qualification levels. Many salons will allow you to train for your NVQ’s at a low wage and then move up in the salon once you pass the qualification levels.

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NVQ Hairdressing is a recognized standard and while it might not be easily identified as a conventional academic rating, it is understood and nationally established as the training required to perform the job.

Starting from all the basics such as hair cutting, drying, styling and colouring, moving up to the more managerial aspects of hairdressing such as salon management, health and safety, reception skills, and resource management. The more experienced you become, the higher level NVQ Hairdressing you can take on and hopefully pass!

Hairdressing Training Audience

If you work in hairdressing and want that national recognition, and are looking to gain employment at a more established salon, then NVQ hairdressing standards will need to be met and assist you in your goals of a long term career.

NVQ Hairdressing Levels

The following levels are available for this NVQ:

Please click on the above for more course information for that particular NVQ level in hairdressing training.

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