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Professional gardeners and horticulturists can now add work-based qualification to their portfolios by applying for and taking an NVQ Horticulture. These courses and qualifications are available in three different levels to reflect the skills and experience you may have. Boost your standing or increase your prospects further with one of these vocational qualifications.

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An NVQ Horticulture is a continuous assesment style course for those who are already working in the field of horticulture, gardening, landscape gardening or plant care or for those looking to move in to that area of work. The purpose of this qualification is to assess occupational competence of employees in the workplace where those employees (learners) then demonstrate their horticultural skills and knowledge to the required levels.

The sort of professional roles that will benefit from an NVQ Horticulture are a Landscaper, Gardener, Sports turf assistant or Horticultural production assistant.

Some of the more basic areas covered in the initial NVQ levels are as follows:

  • Plant and then maintain a variety of plants
  • Maintain structures and surfaces
  • Maintenance of gardening equipment and tools

From taking the Level 1 it is then possible to move in to more specialised occupational areas such a tree work, crop production or landscape gardening.

Horticulture Training Audience

This NVQ  is available to all employees in the horticulture and gardening sector. Depending on the NVQ level being sought, you will require varying degrees of experience and competence within the arena. Courses generally take between 12 and 24 months, again, depending on the level and also the college / course provider.

NVQ Horticulture Levels

The following levels are available for this NVQ:


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